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K-HFM/KaKi 2023-2-8-65

45°, 30°, 60° chamfers

Item No.:10001745° chamfers = Standard
 10001530° chamfers
 10001660° chamfers
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The powerful chamfer milling machine for 45°, 30°, 60° chamfers for milling larger chamfers for the preparation of weld seams. With this machine you’ll stay flexible. Guide rollers are added to ensure the machining of inside contours. Adaptable guide plates ensure individual depth adjustments.

Application range

  • Sheet metal, pipes, flanges, inside contours, bores, etc.
  • Steel, aluminium, stainless steel, castings, non-ferrous metals, and plastics


  • Reduces your production costs
  • Process reliability, an adjustable mechanical stop ensures a high degree of accuracy
  • Ergonomic design and low emission
  • Rapid exchange of cutter head, modular design
  • A variety of cutter heads with a multitude of milling angles is available off the shelf
  • Upon request, we can deliver customer-specified milling angles that are made in-house


Subject to technical change without notice!


  • Fast conversion to 30° or 60° cutter head
  • Straight level guide for thin sheet metals < 3 mm and straight edges

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Standard machine incl. cutter head
  • 1 Plastic case
  • 1 Hook wrench for clamping the guide plate
  • 1 Torx screwdriver for tightening the indexable inserts
  • 1 Guide plate incl. clamping ring

Not included in delivery (see accessories)

  • Indexable inserts
  • Straight level guide


230 V electronically, infinitely variable

Motor speed

6,600 RPM

Protection class


Rated power consumption

2,600 Watt


14 kg

Milling machine with 16 cutter heads


Indexable inserts

16 pcs. for the assembly of the cutter head


Radial = guide roller R = 14 mm – with ball bearings
Axial = guide plate R = 74 mm – steel, hardened


Subject to technical change without notice!

Abbildung Fase 45

Chamfer angle 45°

Chamfer width 10 mm
Chamfer length 14.1 mm
Chamfer angle 45°




Abbildung Fase 30

Chamfer angle 30°

Chamfer width 14 mm
Chamfer length 16.2 mm
Chamfer angle 30°




Abbildung Fase 60

Chamfer angle 60°

Chamfer width 14 mm
Chamfer length 16.1 mm
Chamfer angle 60°

Item No.:




100045Guide plate D = 148 mm – steel, hardenedK-HFMFT148St1
100048Straight level guideK-HFMGFAVS601
100114Indexable insert without coatingX. P2510
100115Indexable insert with TiN coatingX. P25 B10
100116Indexable insert with TiCN coatingX. P25 BS10
100126Indexable insert for higher C contentX. P25 S-0x10
100127Indexable insert with BF1 coatingX. P25 BF110
100128Indexable insert with BST coatingX. P25 BST10
100160Screw for indexable insertScrew 3510
100167Hook wrench 80for HFM cup/ring1
100171Torx screwdriverT81
100194Modular chamfering bit 45°KIF/MF60.45.2.8.R1
100195Modular chamfering bit 60°KIF/MF60.60.2.8.R1
100196Modular chamfering bit 30°KIF/MF60.30.2.8.R1
100495Spacer ring for 30° bit 1
100505Screw for guide rollerfor 45° and 60° milling cutter1
100509Screw for guide rollerfor 15° and 30° milling cutter1


* PU = Packaging Unit

Subject to technical change without notice!