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K-HFM/KaKi 2015-38-3-E MMS

Radii 1 – 4 mm

Item No.:210001Radius 1
 210002Radius 2
 210003Radius 3
 210004Radius 4
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This portable milling machine is equipped with a patented lubrication system that uses the smallest amount of grease possible. A nozzle is integrated at the cutting head and supplies a minimum amount of oil to the indexable inserts, and thus, increases the machine’s service life.

Application range

  • Plasma- and laser-cut workpieces with hardening of the boundary margin
  • Sheet metal, pipes, flanges, inside contours, bores, etc.
  • Steel, aluminium, stainless steel, castings, non-ferrous metals, and plastics


  • A minimum lubrication system that will improve the service life of the indexable inserts


  • Straight level guide for thin sheet metals < 3 mm and straight edges


Subject to technical change without notice!

Scope of delivery

  • Standard machine incl. cutter head
  • Minimum lubrication system
  • Plastic case
  • Hook wrench for clamping the guide plate
  • Torx screwdriver for tightening the indexable inserts
  • Guide plate incl. clamping ring

Not included in delivery (see accessories)

  • Indexable inserts
  • Straight level guide


MMS Minimalmengenschmiertechnik

MLS Minimum lubrication system


230 V electronically, infinitely variable

Motor speed

2,800 – 11,500 RPM

Protection class


Rated power consumption

1,500 W


3.5 kg

Milling machine with 3 cutter heads

KIF/MF 38.3 R1 Eck
KIF/MF 38.3 R2 Eck
KIF/MF 38.3 R3 Eck
KIF/MF 38.3 R4 Eck

Indexable inserts

3 pcs. for the assembly of the cutter head


Radial = see Guide Roller table
Axial = guide plate R = 63.5 mm – steel, hardened


Subject to technical change without notice!

Abbildung Radius

Chamfer angle

Radius 1




Abbildung Radius

Chamfer angle

Radius 2




Abbildung Radius

Chamfer angle

Radius 3




Abbildung Radius

Chamfer angle

Radius 4




Item No.:




100137Indexable insert with 4 cutting edges R1WSP-X.12/4 R1 BST1
100139Indexable insert with 4 cutting edges R2WSP-X.12/4 R2 BST1
100141Indexable insert with 4 cutting edges R3WSP-X.12/4 R3 BST1
100143Indexable insert with 4 cutting edges R4WSP-X.12/4 R4 BST1
110301Modular cutter head R1KIF/MF38.3.R1 Eck - Z=31
110302Modular cutter head R2KIF/MF38.3.R2 Eck - Z=31
110303Modular cutter head R3KIF/MF38.3.R3 Eck - Z=31
110304Modular cutter head R4KIF/MF38.3.R4 Eck - Z=31
100147Guide roller R1FR D=36,401
100149Guide roller R2FR D=34,401
100151Guide roller R3FR D=32,401
100152Guide roller R4FR D=30,401
100162Screw for indexable insertScrew 4010
100166Hook wrench 68for HFM cup/ring1
100172Torx screwdriverT151
100046Guide plate D = 127 mm – steel, hardenedK-HFMFT127St1
100047Straight level guideK-HFMGFAVS501


* PU = Packaging Unit

Subject to technical change without notice!