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K-HFM/KaKi 2014-42-3-RF-E

Radii 5 – 6 mm

Item No.:110005Radius 5
 110006Radius 6
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Now we’re turning – with radius 5 – 6 mm. Portable milling machine for rounding corners using a variety of radii. This machine allows you to deburr the workpiece safely and at the same time improve the adherence capability of the coating since all sharp corners have been removed from the component. Equipped with a radial mechanical stop, which is used as guide roller, the tool can also be used to machine inside contours.

Application range

  • Sheet metal, pipes, flanges, inside contours, bores, etc.
  • Steel, aluminium, stainless steel, castings, non-ferrous metals, and plastics


  • Module design of the machine
  • Radius 5 to radius 6 mm and 45° chamfering possible
  • Rapid cutter head replacement, corner radii available in 1 mm increments
  • Replacement of the cutter head allows a radius 1 mm to radius 4 mm


Subject to technical change without notice!


  • Rapid conversion of the machine, radius 1 mm to radius 6 mm possible
  • Straight level guide for thin sheet metals < 3 mm and straight edges

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Standard machine incl. cutter head
  • 1 Plastic case
  • 1 Hook wrench for clamping the guide plate
  • 1 Torx screwdriver for tightening the indexable inserts
  • 1 Guide plate incl. clamping ring

Not included in the delivery (see accessories)

  • Indexable inserts
  • Straight level guide


230 V electronically, infinitely variable

Motor speed

2,800 – 11,500 RPM

Protection class


Rated power consumption

1,500 W


3.5 kg

Milling machine with 3 cutter heads


Indexable inserts

3 pcs. for the assembly of the cutter head


Radial = see Guide Roller table
Axial = guide plate R = 63.5 mm – steel, hardened


Subject to technical change without notice!

Abbildung Radius 5

Chamfer angle 5 mm

Radius 5 mm
Chamfer 5 x 45°




Abbildung Radius 6

Chamfer angle 6 mm

Radius 6 mm
Chamfer 5 x 45°




Please note:

Starting with radius 5 mm, all edges must be
pre-chamfered at 45°!

Item No.:




100144Indexable insert with 2 cutting edges R5WSP-X.12/4 R5 BST1
100146Indexable insert with 2 cutting edges R6WSP-X.12/4 R6 BST1
100129Indexable insert with 4 cutting edges 45°WSP-X.12/410
110305Modular cutter head R5KIF/MF42.3.RF R5 - Z=31
110306Modular cutter head R6KIF/MF42.3.RF R6 - Z=31
100155Guide roller R5 und 45° chamferFR D=30,501
100157Guide roller R6FR D=28,501
100161Screw for indexable insertScrew 4510
100166Hook wrench 68for HFM cup/ring1
100172Torx screwdriverT151
100046Guide plate D = 127 mm – steel, hardenedK-HFMFT127St1
100047Straight level guideK-HFMGFAVS501


* PU = Packaging Unit

Subject to technical change without notice!